DABC Announces New Minimum Salary Levels for Store Personnel

The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control will raise the minimum salary levels for the liquor store manager, assistant store manager and retail clerk II positions.

In addition to the 2.25 percent general increase for all state employees, the new minimum salary levels were generated by savings from the consolidated management program and hot spot funding identified in the Governor’s Budget and approved by the Legislature.

The DABC has worked hard over the past year to find ways to increase salaries while continuing to improve operations. Consolidating management positions (one manager managing multiple stores) provided the department with a way to redirect revenue to help increase salaries.

Minimum pay for the following job titles will be changed as indicated below:

Retail sales clerk II: $10.25

Assistant store manager: $12.25

Store manager $15.25

Seventy-four state employees will receive the salary increases. The new rates are effective immediately, and in some cases are retroactive, and will be reflected in the pay period ending July 31, 2015.