It’s Official! Owens Will Challenge Mia Love in 2016

Democrat Doug Owens is gearing up for a second run for Congress in Utah's 4th Congressional District.

Owens announced he was filing the paperwork to be a Congressional candidate on his Facebook page this morning.
In his announcement, Owens brought up his father's time in Congress as an inspiration for his second run.
"I learned from watching my father's career in public service that listening is more than talking and that you can always answer to the people you represent – not a political party or special interests in Washington."
Owens lost to Love in 2014 by less than 5,000 votes despite being outspent by more than 5 to 1. Love spent and raised more than $5.1 million to Owens' $866,000.
He's going to have another uphill financial battle in 2016. Love's most recent FEC filing shows she pulled in $539,000 in donations during the last quarter, giving her more than $618,000 in her war chest.
Owens said he would have a formal launch of his campaign during the fall.