Chaffetz to Use Subpoena Power to Combat Obama’s Environmental Agenda

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee plan to use the subpoena to restore balance between the Obama administration’s rule-making and Congress’s ability to write laws.

Reports The Hill:

Throughout his administration, Obama’s aggressive push to institute new environmental regulations has generated relentless criticism from Republicans who have long sought to undo his administration’s policies — or, in the case of approving the Keystone project, force his hand. The subpoenas have opened a new chapter in the way congressional Republicans are working to stymie that agenda.

The new subpoenas stem from what Republicans view as foot-dragging or, at worst, open refusal from administration officials to respond to their requests for information. Chaffetz said environmental issues are an important topic for him, given the policies’ effect on Western states and his role as the first Mountain State chairman of the powerful Oversight panel.

“A Democratic administration, I guess that’s not too much of a surprise,” he said of Obama’s rule-making. “But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to investigate. If they’re going to turn up the volume of regulations, we have a right to see that information.”