John Oliver Takes on D.C. Statehood

HBO's John Oliver takes on the issue of statehood for Washington, D.C., and has some harsh words for Rep. Jason Chaffetz.

Oliver points out the inequities D.C. faces by having no real representation in Congress, and how nearly everything the District does is subject to Congressional approval.

Oliver turns his sights on Rep. Chaffetz and how his passion for state's rights end at the border to D.C. From the Washingtonian:

“States’ rights yes, but Washington, DC is not a state,” Chaffetz told CNN in February.

To that, Oliver says: “You know you have a weak argument when you’re clinging to the precise wording you use. Hey, I said I wouldn’t **** any other women. This is my squash mate, Gary.”

The segment ends with a chorus of children singing a little ditty featuring blue language about how Washington, D.C. gets shafted in our current setup.

If you have 17-minutes, it's well worth a watch (NSFW language).