Utah State Senator Curt Bramble to Lead NCSL

Curt Bramble, president pro tem of the Utah Senate, became the 43rd president of the National Conference of State Legislatures at the annual Legislative Summit.

Bramble, a Republican, succeeds Democrat Debbie Smith of the Nevada Senate. NCSL, a bipartisan organization that serves the nation’s 7,383 state lawmakers and more than 20,000 legislative staff throughout the country, alternates its leadership annually between the two parties.

“NCSL has proven to be one of the most valuable resources for state legislatures across the country and I am excited to serve,” Bramble said, “Having been involved with NSCL for over a decade, I have seen time and time again how NCSL has served as the prominent voice for states. I am also honored to lead NCSL’s advocacy efforts, on behalf of states, in Washington, D.C.”

Bramble has been a long time member of NCSL and was elected as vice president of the NCSL in August 2013. He served as co-chair of the NCSL Standing Committees 2012-2013. In addition to being a member of multiple NCSL Standing Committees, Bramble serves on the State and Local Taxation Task Force, the Immigration and the States Task Force, and the International Affairs Task Force. He has been very active in NCSL across multiple issue areas and has participated in numerous forums addressing issues including education, transportation, energy, and taxation.

“I look forward to a productive year working together with the Executive Committee and legislators from across the country to seek common sense solutions to many of the issues facing all 50 states and territories,” Bramble said.

First elected in 2000 to the Utah Senate where he is in his fourth term, Bramble currently serves as the president pro tempore, is chair of the Business and Labor Standing Committee, and is co-chair of the Legislative Information Technology Steering Committee. Bramble also serves on numerous other committees including the Business, Economic Development, and Labor Appropriations SubcommitteeSenate Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Confirmation Committee; and Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Appropriations Subcommittee.

Bramble, a CPA, and his wife are small business owners who live in Provo, Utah with their six children and 11 grandchildren.