Salt Lake City is the Most Expensive City in Utah

An analysis shows Salt Lake City is the most expensive place to live in Utah, but it's cheaper than many other parts of the country.

24/7 Wall Street looked at a number of factors including the national average price level of goods, socioeconomic data, median income, per capita income and education rates. They found the cost of living in Salt Lake is below the national average, but the highest in the state.

On the whole, Utah is a relatively inexpensive state to live. Goods and services across the state cost more than 3% less on average than they do across the country. With a cost of living nearly in line with the national average, Salt Lake City is the most expensive metropolitan area in the Utah. The higher incomes in Salt Lake City somewhat offset the higher cost of living. The average Salt Lake City resident earns $38,705 annually, about $4,000 more than the average statewide income of about $34,580.