Equality Utah at the 2015 Utah GOP Convention (Video)

Attendees at the Utah State GOP Convention may have been surprised to see a booth occupied by Equality Utah on the convention floor.

"We're doing gay missionary work," says Troy Williams, executive director of Equality Utah. "There are plenty of gay, lesbian and transgender conservatives out there."

Williams says the reception his organization got from Republican delegates was mixed.

"There are a lot of people who are not happy with the Supreme Court decision (on same-sex marriage)," he said. "A lot of others are very happy we worked with the LDS Church to create fairness for all. That's where we have to move forward, focusing on the things we have in common."

Williams said the issue hits home for many Republicans, and that's why it makes sense for his organization to be represented at this kind of event.

"The simple truth is many Republicans have a gay or lesbian or transgendered member of their family. As people get to know us better, they realize it's okay. I know Republicans are even showing up to gay marriages, and they're having a blast. Because the one thing LGBT people know how to do is throw a good party."