Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: Can Ralph Becker Make a Comeback?

If our "Political Insider" panel is to be believed, Ralph Becker's chances at a third term as Salt Lake City Mayor are slim to none.

A majority of those on our panel say Jackie Biskupski's convincing primary election win last week will translate into a general election win in November, despite Becker's massive financial advantage heading into the next election.

Read on for anonymous comments from our panelists and readers

Selected anonymous comments:

"Becker can achieve a comeback, but he has to respond to the attacks against him and scare Salt Lake City voters about the nightmare of PACs influencing the election."

"Biskupski will thump him by 15-points or more. Not knowing the breakdown of primary election voters one can safely assume the Republican support if any exists for Becker, would have voted and made the difference for Becker. Bring him more into contention anyway.When we know the primary voting profile you can bet the Biskupski and other primary candidate vote spread is unsurmountable. Good-bye, Becker."

"Becker will make a comeback, but not enough to actually pull off a win. It will be a close race in November."
"I'm cautious about saying Becker will win. He has seemed to be flailing a little, but he is thoughtful, engaged, and competent. It's hard to throw out someone with those qualities. Especially when Biskupski has the passion but perhaps less competence and considered thoughtful action."
"Voter turnout was very high in the primary. I don't see any issue that will bring enough non-primary voters to the general for Becker."

"Becker is done. Thanks for your service, here is the door."
"Becker will come up a little in the general election, but Biskupski will still win in November. Becker, as the incumbent, should have had a much better showing, if he was going to win another term."
"Becker is in trouble. He could still win, but the odds are against him."
"Ralph Becker's complete laissez-faire attitude towards running a city has created this snowball that can't be stopped now."
"Becker's problem isn't one of poor campaigning or messaging. Becker's problem is that he has real problems and deals with them poorly."
"Becker sealed his fate with the Burbank miscue."