Press Release: Citizens Fight Development Threat to Mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon

The Granite Community Council, together with area residents, is opposing the rezoning request of LC Canyon Partners and ROLA V, Ltd. with respect to the properties located at 9361 S. North Little Cottonwood Road and 3801 E. North Little Cottonwood Road.

The subject land is located on the northeast slope above North Little Cottonwood Canyon Road. The request to rezone these properties from FR-20 [Forest & Recreational land with no more than one structure on 20 acres] to R-1-15 [Residential development on 1/3 acre (15,000 s.f.) lots] will be heard onWednesday, September 2, 2015, by the Cottonwood Heights Planning Commission.

The objection of the GCC and area residents is predicated on the extreme density change that would be permitted by a change of zoning from FR-20 to R-1-15, the aesthetic and geological sensitivity of the area (these properties are directly impacted by the Wasatch fault line), the number of higher density rezoning requests in the area that have previously been approved by Sandy City and Cottonwood Heights, and the unique, hillside position of these properties as a “gateway” to Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Terry Wood, Vice Chair of the GCC said “Area residents are concerned that Little Cottonwood Canyon not face a development threat similar the Big Cottonwood Canyon Tavaci Development. Residents believe that these properties are at the gateway to one of the most beautiful canyons in Utah and home of two world class ski resorts in Snowbird and Alta. This gateway would be altered forever if Cottonwood Heights approves the rezoning request.”

Josh Kanter, Secretary of the GCC said “While landowners have the right to maximize the value of their property, they do not have an unfettered right to change the zoning of their property. The existing zoning, the area’s master plan and community concerns should be considered in connection with such a request. The current zoning recognizes that these properties are in sensitive areas, aesthetically and geologically. The proposed zoning does not.”

Mary Young, Chair of the GCC said “Zoning creep has been a growing problem in recent years around the mouths of both Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons as developers have fled Salt Lake County for Sandy City and Cottonwood Heights to achieve their goal of higher density development.”

When: September 2nd, 2015, 6:00pm

Where: City Hall Council Chambers, City of Cottonwood Heights, 1265 Fort Union Blvd Ste. 250, Midvale, UT 84047 (801) 944-7000

Issue: Rezone request to change land designation from FR-20 (Forest & Recreational, one home per 20 acres) to R-1-15 (Residential, one home per 1/3 acre)

Granite Community Council Objection Letter: