Press Release: Steve Young to Host Give Salt Lake

Famer Steve Young’s Forever Young Foundation will host GIVE Salt Lake — a first-of-its-kind event that brings together CEOs, community leaders, Corporate Giving Officers, executive directors, granting foundations, students, social entrepreneurs, and change-makers from across the state. 

Held at the David Eccles School of Business on the University of Utah campus, GIVE Salt Lake will feature two days of inspiring stories, presentations, workshops and hands-on training. The event will include insights into best practices, new technologies and a nonprofit pitch competition.

According to Forever Young Foundation founder, Steve Young, “The uniqueness of this event is found in the direct collaboration between the business and nonprofit sectors. In today’s competitive environment, businesses need to demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility, but do so in a manner that protects the business. This changes the game for charities who now must understand—more than ever before—the distinctive business need for results. This event will help charities rise to meet this opportunity in three ways; to learn together, to celebrate and accelerate the work of effective nonprofits, and to promote innovation and understanding through a business-charity collaboration.”

Proceeds from the event will be used to give nonprofit leaders access to some of the world’s best leadership and management training through the Forever Young Institute.

Forever Young has long advocated training for nonprofit leaders. According to President & Executive Director, Sterling Tanner, “It became apparent after our first training event some seven years ago, charities are hungry for guidance, information and best practices. Once empowered with those tools, everyone involved in the process, from donors, to charities, to program recipients, sees greater results.” It is this vision that led to the creation of GIVE Salt Lake.