American Legion Agrees to Relocate Office Space

In discussions with the Capitol Preservation Board, the American Legion has agreed to relocate their office space in the Utah State Capitol complex.

“The proposed new space appears to be an upgrade from our current space,” said Greg Rowley, Utah adjutant for the American Legion. “We are confident the state will provide us with the means necessary to continue our work with veterans.”

The Capitol Preservation Board is responsible for all facilities associated with the Utah State Capitol, including buildings and office space. As is common with facilities of this size, on occasion tenants move from one location in the complex to another. Some government agencies are located in the complex, and private organizations that pay for the office space are also accommodated if possible. The American Legion has been granted free office space at the complex since 1921.

During its most recent meeting, the issue of expanding the Capitol Hill Association’s space was discussed by the board. Approval was given to explore the proposal in order to determine the potential costs for such an expansion. The current occupants of this space, the American Legion, have agreed to the proposed relocation.

Before expansion of space for the Capitol Hill Association could take place, potential expansion costs will be determined, and a contract must be entered into by both parties.