Poll: Utah Conservatives Sour on the Economy while Liberals are Bullish

Most Utahns expect the economy to remain the same or worsen over the next year according to the newest UtahPolicy.com survey.

About a third of the respondents in the survey (35%) say they think economic conditions will worsen in the next year while a slightly bigger number (37%) say things should remain the same as they are now.
Just under a quarter of Utahns (24%) say things will get better.

The survey was conducted in the first part of August (August 7-14) prior to the current turmoil on Wall Street. The slide in stocks is partially due to China's efforts to devalue their currency that they hope will jumpstart their economy.
It's surprising that Utahns are, overall, so sour on future economic conditions given that the housing market seems to be rising, and gas prices are falling.
The lack of enthusiasm for the economy is also puzzling given Gov. Gary Herbert's cheerleading on the subject and numerous rankings showing Utah is at or near the top for businesses in the nation. Perhaps it's a manifestation of "hope for the best, prepare for the worst" philosophy.

Those to the far right on the political spectrum are much more pessimistic about the economy for the next year than those on the left.
57% of Utahns who described themselves as "very conservative" say the economy will be worse next year while just 10% of that group say it will be better.
Utahns who are "very liberal" are much more bullish on the economy. Nearly half of that group (47%) say the economy will be better next year than it is right now. Another 41% say things will stay the same.
42% who say they are "somewhat conservative," say the economy will worsen. 35% of that group say it will be the same as now. 19% say it will be better.
Moderates and liberals are much more optimistic about the economy.
34% of moderates say they expect the economy to be better, and 35% think things will be the same. Under 1/4 (23%) think things will turn south.
A majority of Utahns, who are "somewhat liberal" (54%) say the economy will stay the same as it is now while 36% in that group say it will improve.
The survey was conducted by Dan Jones & Associates for UtahPolicy.com among 500 adult Utahns. It has a margin of error +/- 4.99%.