Poll: Utahns Think Orrin Hatch is Utah’s Most Effective Senator

When asked which one of Utah's Senators was the most effective in Washington, Orrin Hatch was the most popular answer amongst Utahns. However, conservatives had a much different answer.

36% of Utahns say Hatch is the most effective Senator while 28% think Sen. Mike Lee is more effective. 24% said they were equally effective in Washington.

Lee has butted heads with Republican leaders in the Senate during his first term in Washington. He was one of the architects of the 2013 government shutdown which cost Utah an estimated $30 million in lost tourism revenue. Most recently, Lee angered Senate leadership when he tried to force a vote on a measure to repeal the Affordable Care Act during debate over a highway measure.
Utahns who say they are "very conservative" and members of the Tea Party are the only groups who think Sen. Lee is more effective than Hatch. That makes sense because Lee's traditional base of support lies within those groups. 

– 56% of "very conservative" Utahns say Lee is more effective than Hatch while just 21% of that group say Hatch is more effective.
– A whopping 76% of Tea Party members in Utah say Lee is more effective while just 7% of that group pick Hatch. 39% of non-Tea Party members say Hatch is more effective and 22% say Lee. 26% say they are equally effective.
As you move farther to the left on the ideological scale, hatch becomes more popular. 
– "Somewhat conservative" Utahns pick Hatch over Lee by a 35-30% margin.
– Moderate Utahns say Hatch is more effective by a 50-14% tally. 24% say they have the same effectiveness.
– Respondents who describe themselves as "somewhat liberal" favor Hatch over Lee 49-5%. 34% say they're equally effective.
– On the far left, "very liberal" respondents say Hatch is more effective by a 37-0% margin. Yes, 0% in that subset say Lee is more effective than Hatch. 37% in that group say they are equal.
Republicans are split on the question. 35% say Lee is more effective while 34% pick Hatch. 22% say they're about equal.
Democrats are no fans of Lee. That group picks the senior senator by a 50-3% margin. 32% say they're equal.
The margin among independent voters is much closer. 36% say Hatch is more effective while 30% pick Lee. 21% say they're the same.
The survey was conducted for UtahPolicy.com by Dan Jones & Associates from August 7-14 among 500 adults in Utah. It has a margin of error +/- 4.99%.