Press Release: Jackie Biskupski Announces Leave of Absence from Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office

Jackie Biskupski announced a leave of absence from her administrative position with the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office and released the following statement:

“With less than twelve weeks before the general election, it has become necessary for me to take a leave of absence from the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, beginning September 7th.

“The demands of a mayoral campaign are significant. As commitments increase, I find it necessary to take a leave in order to focus solely on the demands of the campaign.

“I have a great deal of respect for the Sheriff and those I work with in his administration and believe that taking this time will allow them to continue their important work without the potential distraction of my campaign. I am grateful to Sheriff Winder for understanding and supporting this decision.

“I am working hard, meeting with residents of the city, business owners, and organizational representatives. Taking this time away from the Sheriff’s Office will allow me to focus on this effort, full time.”