Poll: What are the Most Important Issues Facing Utah?

A note to those Utahns still carping about same-sex marriage: Get over it — for most Utahns have, a new UtahPolicy poll shows.

A new survey shows that only 1 percent of Utahns say same-sex marriage is the most important issue facing the state today.

Meaning 99 percent of the adult population doesn’t.

Education and our schools remain the most important issue, named by 20 percent of folks as the top matter government officials should be working on.

Next comes the economy at 15 percent.

Government overreach and regulation ties, also with 15 percent naming it the most important issue.

After those top three all other issues listed by Jones in his new survey fall into single digits, 5 percent or below.

And, yes, same-sex marriage gets 1 percent of the vote as the top issue facing Utahns.

Historically, women take the education of their children more seriously than do men – since many Utah women are stay-at-home moms and deal daily with that subject.

Jones finds that 27 percent of women name education and schools as their top issue; only 13 percent of men pick it as No. 1.

Some other interesting differences among demographic groups:

— 14 percent of 18-24-year-olds say jobs is the most important issue today.

Other age groups put jobs well down on their list.

— Utah Republicans: 20 percent say education is No. 1, 18 percent say the economy, 12 percent say government overreach, and 4 percent said same-sex marriage.

— Utah Democrats: 24 percent said education, 10 percent said the economy, 16 percent said government overreach, 11 percent said air quality, 10 percent said healthcare.

— Utah political independents: 20 percent said education and schools, 15 percent said the economy, 17 percent said government overreach.

— Among those who said they are “very conservative:” 15 percent said education, 15 percent said the economy, 19 percent said government overreach, 9 percent said immigration, and 1 percent said same-sex marriage.

— Among those who said they are “very active” Mormons: 23 percent said education, 14 percent said the economy, 14 percent said government overreach, and 2 percent said same-sex marriage.

Jones polled 500 adult Utahns from Aug. 7-14, the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.99 percent.