Utah Students Improve on Language Arts, Math, Science SAGE Tests

Utah public school students on average improved in language arts, math, and science end-of-level tests known as SAGE (Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence) assessments, according to data released today by the Utah State Office of Education.

Results showed 1.9 percent more students were proficient in English language arts, 2.6 percent more were proficient in science and 5.4 percent more were proficient in math. This brings the total of proficient students to 44.1 percent in English language arts, 46.8 percent in science and 44.6 percent in math. This marks the second year Utah students took computer-adaptive SAGE assessments, which are based on more rigorous academic standards adopted earlier by the Utah State Board of Education. The new standards set the proficiency bar at college-and-career readiness rather than mastery of subject matter.

“I’m very pleased the needle is moving in the right direction,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Brad C. Smith. “Our task now is to keep it moving in the right direction until all Utah students are proficient in core subjects.”

The SAGE results will be used with other data to produce both the Governor’s PACE report card and the statutorily required school grades. Those reports will be released in September, after school districts and charter schools have a chance to review the SAGE data for accuracy.

More information about SAGE results can be found online at https://datagateway.schools.utah.gov/