Utah Ranked Second Worst State for Women

Turns out Utah may not be the place for women. A study says only Louisiana is worse for the fairer sex.

Wall Street 24/7 breaks down numbers from the Center for American Progress that shows Utah is a terrible place for women when it comes to economic and government equality.

Utah did poorly on every single metric. Most striking was the wage gap (3rd lowest) and percentage of women in the state legislature (6th lowest).

> Wage gap: 70 cents per dollar (tied for 3rd lowest)
> Poverty rate, women and girls: 13.60% (tied for 12th lowest)
> Pct. in state legislature: 16.3% (6th lowest)
> Infant mortality rate: 4.9 per 1,000 births (10th lowest)

Utah is represented in Congress exclusively by men. This is also the case for all of Utah’s elected officials in its executive branch, which includes positions such as the governor, labor commissioner, attorney general and state treasurer. In 2012, women did not fare much better in the private sector, holding just over 30% of management jobs in the state, the third lowest rate nationally. Since management positions tend to have higher wages, the low rate at which females occupy these jobs in the state may be widening the pay gap between men and women. On average, a woman, regardless of race, only made about 70 cents for every $1.00 a man made in Utah in 2012. This was the third worst gap in the country.

While Louisiana was tops, Oklahoma, Alabama and Mississippi helped round out the bottom 5.