Chaffetz Slams EPA’s ‘Toxic’ Workplace Environment

In an op-ed, Rep. Jason Chaffetz warns that the EPA’s failure to punish serial sexual harassers among its employees may force Congress to intervene and perform a new type of “environmental clean-up.”

Writes Chaffetz at The Hill:

A young, female research fellow at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is inappropriately hugged, touched, grabbed and even kissed by a male EPA employee almost three times her age.

Assaulted on a near daily basis with lewd and suggestive verbal comments, she dreads going to the office each day.

Another 21-year old female intern reports being sexually harassed by an EPA official who has victimized at least sixteen other women throughout his 31-year career.

Listening to these stories, and others, during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing in July was alarming.

As a parent, particularly as a father of two daughters, the vulgar and foul words and acts these young women were subjected to angered me.

And as a legislator and public servant, I was shocked to see the blind eye EPA management turned toward such misconduct.