Ralph Becker Hits the Airwaves…Hard

You've probably seen one of the commercials from Ralph Becker's re-election campaign on the air over the last few days.

Becker currently has three spots in rotation, one of which features an endorsement from Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams. The ads have aired across a number of local stations, including during the new Stephen Colbert program on Channel 2.

Becker's campaign manager, Matt Lyon, play coy when asked how big of an ad buy the campaign has made.

"Its aggressive and we’re going to spend the campaign's cash by the election," he said. "The vote-by-mail issue has meant we need to buy earlier and spread it out longer."

How much money are they planning to spend? Lyon says it's going to be a significant push.

"We had $400k cash on hand at the last filing.  We are planning TV, digital, and mail.  Our overhead is fairly low, so most of the cash, plus what we’re raising since the primary, is going to media."

Here are the ads.