Meet the Candidates: Nate Salazar for Salt Lake City Council District #4 (Video)

Nate Salazar says the top issue among voters he talks to in Salt Lake City Council District #4 is the city's homeless population.

Salazar, who is running for city council, says he opposes any efforts to move the homeless service providers away from the Pioneer Park area. He also says efforts to crack down on crime in that area is just moving the homeless population to other areas of the city.

"We have little tent cities going up all throughout the city. That's what we need to think about," says Salazar. "When we create an initiative in a specific part of the city, it's like a chess game. Other pieces are going to move across the board and Salt Lake City is our board. Right now homelessness and the folks who are involved with homelessness by whatever reason are dispersing themselves throughout the city because of what's going on."

Salazar also discusses Salt Lake City's economy and prison relocation.