Roads are an Essential Part of Our Quality of Life

For over sixty years, road maintenance has been my family’s job to worry about, not the average driver. 

Poor roads are expensive —incurring high costs for drivers and the state. As contractors, all too often we see roads that are long past due for essential repairs, requiring expensive overhauls that inconvenience commuters with construction delays; repairs that should only take a few weeks deteriorate into major projects that take months inconveniencing drivers who are forced to take longer alternate routes.  “Construction Ahead” signs are frequently no more than a demonstration of previous neglect and overdue conservation.

Roads with potholes make driving, walking, and biking a treacherous feat. Cracks in asphalt and crumbling pavement are aesthetically displeasing and dangerous as well. Put simply, Utahns shouldn’t have to worry about the condition of our pavement.

Roads are fundamental and local maintenance is paramount to preserving our communities’ safety and quality of life. Sadly, our local municipalities have a long list of overdue maintenance. Insufficient funding to address these issues though, causes delay. This results in neglect on the roads we rely on most.

We recognize the problem, now let's recognize the solution—Proposition 1. Voters have the opportunity to invest in local transportation to fix our roads with a modest sales tax increase of a quarter of a cent—that’s one cent for every four dollars. The funding will go directly to local communities to help alleviate the inconveniences Utah drivers face daily—that pothole, crumbling sidewalk or absent bike lane.  It’s our job, not yours, to worry about roads—Vote yes for Proposition 1 to keep it that way.

Scott Parson


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