National Headlines 10-8-13

Government shutdown: Republicans float new plan in fiscal standoff (Chicago Tribune)

Obama Calls Boehner as G.O.P. Meeting Yields No Offers (New York Times)

John Boehner presses demands for talks with Obama on shutdown, debt ceiling (Washington Post)

Without warning, Boston school bus drivers strike (Boston Globe)

California Won’t Wait For Congress On Immigration Reform (NPR)

Self-immolated man had ‘long battle’ with mental illness (BBC News)

Shutdown holding up military, VA benefits (USA Today)

Brain drain: Advocates fear shutdown could spook best and brightest (NBC News)

Supreme Court Weighs Campaign Contribution Limits (New York Times)

Little Fear on Wall St. of Default, at Moment (New York Times)

The NSA’s Hugely Expensive Utah Data Center Has Major Electrical Problems And Basically Isn’t Working (Forbes)

Slow-bamacare: Tech fixes planned for health exchange (CNBC)