Steve Forbes Discusses Utah’s Business Friendly Environment (Video)

Utah has made some sound financial decisions, and it has paid off for its residents, according to the Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Magazine. Steve Forbes spoke recently with members of the Utah League of Cities and Towns at the organization’s Annual Convention in downtown Salt Lake City.  In an exclusive interview following his remarks, he explained what leaders of state and municipal government have done right to continually rank well on Forbes Magazine’s lists, such as, “Most Livable Cities,” and “Best Places for Business.”


Forbes praised Utah’s healthy environment for business due to its tax structure, high tech presence, and welcoming environment.

Forbes also had a few bits of wisdom that all may find useful.  For example, he says, “Don’t look back on life and wish you would’ve done something different. “  He also cautions others to remember the world does not stay still.  He says it’s like the proverbial bicycle. “You can move forward,” he explains, “or fall over. “  Forbes says his father, former Forbes publisher Malcolm Forbes, used to tell him “If you think you’ve arrived, you’re ready to be shown the door.  The world is always changing.”