Meet the Candidates: Tracey Harty for Salt Lake City District #6 (Video)

Tracey Harty is making her second run for Salt Lake City Council District 6. 

She says the biggest issue facing that area of Utah's Capital City is a neglected infrastructure. Specifically roads.
"At the very base level, people want their potholes filled, they want their traffic congestion reduced," says Harty. 
She points to the proposed quarter-cent sales tax increase for transportation as a great opportunity to address these pressing needs.
"We can take the city's portion of that money and put it toward improving our streets, fixing potholes and sidewalks."
She says another big problem that needs attention is congestion on Foothill Boulevard.
"We have so much of a great thing going on in our corner of the valley with the University of Utah, two hospitals and research park. All of that is bringing traffic through District 6 that's coming from somewhere else in the county. We can come up with some solid solutions on what we can do."
Harty is also concerned about the pending move of the state prison to Salt Lake City. While it won't directly impact District 6, she wants to make sure the relocation makes fiscal sense.
"I want to make sure Salt Lake City is not on the hook for any money to move the prison. There is extra support for the infrastructure we need for the prison to move, and I want to make sure that Salt Lake City is not on the hook for that either."