Press Release: AFP Announces New Mail Flight On Obama’s Medicaid Expansion

Americans for Prosperity Utah is announcing the latest in its project to educate Utahns on the risk’s of accepting Obama’s Medicaid Expansion in the Beehive State. 

The chapter will be sending new mail pieces across the state detailing the dangers of Medicaid Expansion: namely, its new tax on the sick, its up to $328 million in tax hikes, and the risk it poses to school funding should Congress ever back out. 

The new mail pieces will hit in the districts of a dozen or so lawmakers who could use extra pressure from their constituents to be sure they do the right thing. A sample of the mail is available here and below.

State Director Evelyn Everton released the following statement:

No matter what we call this thing, Obama’s Medicaid Expansion is still one tough pill to swallow. The majority of Utahns want Obamacare repealed, so why are we trying to pass legislation to bring more Obamacare to Utah?"

"Our new mail pieces will help ensure Utahns see the truth about this plan: that it spends up to $328 million Utah tax dollars to expand Obamacare, while taxing the sick to pay for it and putting funding for schools at risk. It’s just not right. We encourage Utahns everywhere to contact their legislators and tell them to vote no on this risky plan before it goes any further."