Press Release: Hill to Commemorate F-35 Arrival with Ceremonial Unveiling

Hill will host an F-35 unveiling ceremony this week to commemorate the beginning of a new era in combat air power.

Members of the Utah congressional delegation are expected to attend.

Col. David B. Lyons, who assumed command of the 388th Fighter Wing in June, said this event gives Hill AFB and the state of Utah an opportunity to celebrate leading the Air Force’s operational transition to the Defense Department’s newest 5th Generation Fighter.

“This ceremony will formally mark the beginning of F-35 operations at Hill and will recognize the teamwork between the 388th Fighter Wing, 419th Fighter Wing, 75th Air Base Wing, Lockheed Martin and our other partners who helped make this transition successful,” said Lyons. “It’s also important we acknowledge the support of our Utah representatives and our civic leaders for their role in bringing this state-of-the-art, fifth generation fighter to Hill AFB.”

Earlier this year, the re-activation of the 34th Fighter Squadron marked an historic milestone for the Air Force, as the unit became the first operational Air Force unit to fly combat-coded F-35s. The 388th and 419th Fighter Wings received the first 2 F-35s on September 2nd.