Climate Change Deniers vs. Kids (Video)

Sometimes satire is the best political weapon of all.

The League of Conservation Voters, Organizing for Action and SHFT have produced a video slamming climate change deniers by showing how embarrassing they are to their kids.

The video follows a fictional member of Congress (who is also a climate change denier) as he wreaks havoc at a school science fair – destroying projects that challenge his world view.

Gene Karpinski, President of the League of Conservation Voters writes at the Huffington Post:

Climate change deniers should be concerned about the growing generational divide we’re seeing nationwide. Young people don’t question the evidence — they overwhelmingly acceptthe science of climate change and are concerned for how it will affect their lives. Abipartisan poll of young voters under 35, released by LCV this summer, showed that across the board, they see climate change deniers as disconnected from their concerns.

As President Obama advances his climate action plan, climate change deniers in Congress will be forced to choose between siding with their polluter campaign contributors or siding with their constituents. This video is a reminder of what’s at stake for our kids — and that should make the right choice all the more clear.