Press Release: Real Food Rising to Become Part of Salt Lake Community Action Program

The Boards of Trustees of Salt Lake Community Action Program and Utahns Against Hunger are very pleased to announce that beginning November 1st, Salt Lake CAP will become the new administrator of Real Food Rising, an urban farming program with a youth development core.

In 2012, Utahns Against Hunger created Real Food Rising, modeling it after other successful national youth development programs focused on responsible farming, health, and reducing food insecurity. Real Food Rising uses sustainable agriculture to transform the lives of young people and to increase access to healthy food in Salt Lake County. “In the last four years Real Food Rising has provided a place in the community for young people to learn about their urban environment, learn how to grow food and learn how this food they are growing serves the greater good by working at emergency food pantries in Salt Lake County. This transition to Salt Lake Community Action will give Real Food Rising a place to expand and meet the pent-up demand for meaningful programming for 14 to 17-year-olds. Utahns Against Hunger is proud to have given this program a place to start,” said Gina Cornia, Director of Utahns Against Hunger. In 2014 the program had grown to utilize a 1.25 acre farm with 25 crew workers in 3 youth programs, yielding more than 15,000 pounds of harvested produce.

Starting November 1st, Salt Lake CAP will begin running this successful program to complement its existing Nutrition Program. Produce from Real Food Rising will be utilized by the Head Start Central Kitchen which makes 4,300 meals each day. Any additional produce will be sent to Salt Lake CAP food pantries for community distribution.

Utahns Against Hunger works to build the public will to end hunger by educating and collaborating with local policymakers. Through policy, advocacy, outreach, and education, Utahns Against Hunger works to end food insecurity, strengthen federal nutrition programs and promote food justice in Utah.