National Headlines 10-26-15

GOP moneymen: Ryan a fundraising juggernaut (Politico)

When Donald Trump Hated Ronald Reagan (Politico)

Gowdy: Clinton’s answers not accurate (The Hill)

Carson doubling down on Holocaust comments (The Hill)

Trump says world a better place if Saddam, Kadhafi still ruled (AFP)

Why Voters May Not Actually Care That Bernie Sanders Calls Himself a Socialist (VICE)

Bernie Sanders sure sounded as if he was running a negative campaign (Chicago Tribune)

Biden: No truth to stories of Beau’s dying wish (USA Today)

Ben Carson would ‘love’ to see abortion outlawed (Al Jazeera)

Why some on Medicare, but not all, will be hit so hard (Pittsburgh-Post Gazette)

Supporters In Congress Make New Attempt To Revive The Export-Import Bank (NPR)