Biskupski Massively Outraises Becker While Being Outspent Nearly 2-1

Becker Biskupski 03Jackie Biskupski has outraised Ralph Becker by nearly a 2-1 margin over the past two months in the Salt Lake City Mayoral race while Becker has outspent her by almost the same score.

Becker has spent more than a half-million dollars on his general election bid for another term in office.
Becker’s campaign spent $539,998.01 during the latest reporting period which covered the two-month period from August 27 – October 27. Biskupski reports spending $314,501.91 during the same time frame.
During that same period, Biskupski pulled in $330,407.71 from 626 individual donors. Becker details $174,358.51 in donations from 340 individual donors. 

Becker started the general election with $379,151 in the bank. So far during this cycle he has spent $863,439.88 and pulled in total donations of 676,618.39. Becker started with $200,333.61 in his account, meaning he has spent all but 13,512.12 so far.
Biskupski began the two-month race to the general election with just $68,651.65 in her war chest. With today’s totals, Biskupski has raised a total of $620978.36 this election cycle and spent a total of $536,420.91, leaving her with $84,557.45 on hand.
Becker’s campaign manager Matt Lyon says the campaign spent the lion’s share of the budget on advertising, with approximately $250,000 going towards television and the rest on targeted messaging.
Biskupski spent $168,262 on advertising and direct mail with $73,451 going toward television ads.
In Becker’s first run for Mayor in 2007, he spent $694,989.41 on the effort while taking in $692,061.58. In 2011, Becker did not face a serious challenger but still spent $242,981.86 while pulling in donations of $446,747.05.