Lee Reacts to Failure of Utah’s Obamacare Co-op

Today, Sen. Mike Lee (R–UT) released the following statement regarding recent reports that more than 50,000 Utahns will lose their health insurance thanks to the closing of Utah’s Obamacare cooperative Arches Health Plan.

“The collapse of Arches Health Plan will have a devastating effect on tens of thousands of Utah families who deserve better than the limited options available on the Obamacare exchanges,” Sen. Lee said. 

In 20 Utah counties, Arches’ departure leaves consumers with just one insurer offering plans on the exchange for 2016. Arches is the 10th Obamacare cooperative to shut down this year and the Department of Health and Human Services admitted earlier this month that total Obamacare enrollment for 2016 would be essentially flat, providing health insurance for less than half of the 21 million people they claimed the law would cover.

“It is long past time for the President to admit that his signature domestic policy initiative has fallen far short of the promises he made when trying to pass it,” Lee continued. “Utah was a leader in health-care innovation before this disastrous law, and Utahns would be best served if Obamacare was fully repealed and replaced with a true health care reform plan that provides states the flexibility and resources necessary to meet the needs of their citizens and pursue cutting-edge policies without Washington strings attached.”