Utah Gets High Rankings in ‘Tax Friendliness’ for Businesses

Gov. Gary Herbert loves to tout that Utah is a great place for business, but a new analysis ranks us as the #9 “most tax-friendly state for business.”

The rankings from 24/7 Wall Street took into account more than 100 metrics including personal income tax, unemployment and corporate taxes. 

Wyoming, South Dakota, Nevada, Alaska and Florida made up the top-5 in the rankings. Why did Utah only get to #9?

9. Utah
> Taxes collected per capita: $1,958 (13th lowest)
> Unemployment: 4.7% (7th lowest)
> Corporate taxes collected per capita: $89 (19th lowest)
> Sales tax rate: 5.95% (25th lowest)

Utah was awarded some of the top grades in the nation for its property and corporate tax policies, receiving the fourth- and fifth-best scores, respectively, out of all 50 states. Also, Utah’s corporate income tax rate of only 5% is one of the lowest in the nation. As of August, the unemployment rate in Utah was only 4.7%, down from a peak of 8.4% in December 2009 and well-below the national jobless rate of 7.3%. The state’s abundant natural resources, including copper and oil and natural gas, and a vibrant tourism industry boost the economy.