Poll: Utahns Don’t Think Public Schools Get Enough Funding

Education FundingSame old song and dance. Utahns say the funding for public education in the state is simply not enough.

A Dan Jones & Associates survey finds 2/3 of Utahs (66%) say the funding for public education is too little. About a quarter (27%) say it’s about right.
The survey was conducted among 604 adult Utahns from September 8-17, 2015. It has a margin of error of +/- 4.0%.

This has been a consistent theme for Utah voters for years, but increasing funding for education means raising taxes and that’s where any good intentions hit a road block.
There’s a clear gender divide in perceptions about education funding in Utah. A majority of both women and men think funding levels are too small. However, 74% of women say there’s not enough funding while 58% of men agree. On the other side, 36% of men think funding for public education is about right while just 19% of women think that way.
Not surprisingly, more Democrats than Republicans say Utah’s public education needs more funding. 84% of Democrats compared to 61% of Republicans say there’s not enough money flowing to Utah’s public schools. 69% of independent voters agree.

Those on the right side of the political scale are much more likely to think funding for Utah’s public education is adequate while those in the political middle and left say schools need more money.
  • 49% of “very conservative” Utahns say funding is too little while 41% say it’s about right.
  • 62% of those who identify as “somewhat” conservative say funding levels are too little. 31% say they’re about right. 
  • 84% of moderates say public education needs more money.
  • 85% of “somewhat” liberal Utahns say funding for public schools is too low.
  • 87% of “very liberal” residents say funding is too low.