National Headlines 11-18-15

Ryan and McConnell confront their first big test (Politico)

Rubio escalates foreign policy feud with Cruz (Politico)

Schumer: Refugee pause may be necessary (The Hill)

House rushes to halt refugees (The Hill)

Trump Rides a Blue-Collar Wave (Wall Street Journal)

Republican leaders call for ‘pause’ on Syrian refugee program (Washington Post)

Governors Press White House for Refugee Information (Bloomberg)

Jindal Ends Presidential Campaign: ‘This Is Not My Time’ (NPR)

Trump says US will ‘have no choice’ but to shut some mosques down (FOX News)

Donald Trump Says Syrian Refugees Should Be Kept Out of U.S.: ‘We Have No Idea Who These People Are’ (People)

Senate rejects coal emissions cuts (New York Times)