Osmond Withdraws Candidacy to Head Up UCAT; Will Resign from Utah Senate

Less than two weeks after being tapped to head up the Utah College of Aaron OsmondApplied Technology, Sen. Aaron Osmond (R-South Jordan) announced he was no longer seeking the position, but would still step down from the Utah Legislature.

Osmond said in a statement that he was withdrawing from consideration because he got a counter-offer from his current employer.
“This decision does not come as a result of any doubt in the UCAT system nor of any concern that I would lack confirmation votes in the Senate. My wife and I have taken a very careful look at both opportunities and strongly feel that it is best for our family to move in another direction,” he said.
Osmond is resigning from the Senate on December 1st. 
So far, seven candidates have announced their candidacy to replace Osmond in the Senate. They are:
  • Rep. Rich Cunningham (R-South Jordan)
  • Jay Cobb
  • Lincoln Fillmore
  • Susan Pulsipher
  • Aleta Taylor
  • Jordan Teuscher
  • Mark Woolley
Delegates will select Osmond’s replacement at a special election in Mid-December.