Matheson, Love Report Impressive Fundraising Numbers

Jim Matheson and Mia Love are stockpiling, and spending, cash ahead of their possible rematch in 2014.

The latest fundraising numbers have both Mathson and Love with nearly $700,000 in their war chests. Matheson has $678,418 on hand, while Love has $671,842.

Love has been the more aggressive fundraiser, pulling in $589,679 to Matheson’s $278,428 during the latest quarter.

Love has been on a spending tear as well. The latest report show her campaign spending $374,054 to Matheson’s $60,478.

Most of Love’s spending has been on direct mail, campaign consulting and other costs one would associate with getting a campaign off the ground.

The lion’s share of Matheson’s fundraising has come from PACs. He pulled in more than $243,000 from political action committees during the quarter, while Love pulled in $568,509 from individual contributions – most of those below the federal reporting limit.