U.S. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, Names Allyson Bell as New Chief of Staff

After serving for three years as Senator Lee’s chief of staff, Boyd Matheson is stepping down and will transition to become a consultant to the senator’s reelection campaign. Allyson Bell, who has served as Lee’s administrative director since he took office in 2011, will take over as chief of staff beginning in January.

Senator Lee reiterated his confidence in the commitment, talent and direction of his team, saying,  “For the past three years my team has been doing the hard work and heavy lifting to roll out a conservative reform agenda, based on Utah values, to unite our party and restore the greatness of our nation.  This change is a natural extension of our continuous effort to take that agenda around the state and across the country.”

Senator Lee continued, “Boyd Matheson has led strategic initiatives for me going all the way back to the 2010 election.  I appreciate his service to my office and the people of Utah.”

Commenting on his new chief of staff Senator Lee stated, “Allyson Bell is respected and admired as a results-driven leader in Utah and in Washington.  Her extraordinary execution on major projects, public events and innovative initiatives while serving Michael O. Leavitt in the Governor’s office, Health and Human Services and the Environmental Protection Agency have prepared and positioned her perfectly to serve as chief of staff.  Her ties to rural Utah and her leadership service to the business community will also help our continued outreach to the people of Utah. I look forward to working with her in this new role. ”

Boyd Matheson stated, “Serving as chief of staff for Senator Lee has been an extraordinary honor and privilege.  The Senator has assembled a team in Washington and in Utah that is second to none.  The State is most fortunate to have him as their Senator.  Senator Lee is leading bipartisan efforts in the senate including the USA Freedom Act, much needed criminal justice reform, patent reform, among many others, that make are making a real difference.”

“What Senator Lee is doing for Utah in Washington is exciting and impressive,” Allyson Bell said. “I have witnessed first hand the way he is transforming the way Washington works and how his policy entrepreneurship is elevating the dialogue and direction of congress.  I am determined to help every Utahn see what he is doing for our state.”