Poll Shows Clinton Would Lose Handily to GOP Candidates in Utah

hillary clinton 9251306 2 4Hillary Clinton is not popular in Utah.

Assuming she becomes the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, she loses handily to four possible Republican opponents in the Beehive State, a new UtahPolicy poll shows.

She even loses to Donald Trump, who also is not very popular in Utah – but less so than Clinton finds a new survey by Dan Jones & Associates.

Yes, Clinton has some core support among Utah Democrats – but not much more than that.

Among all Utah adults, find Jones, if the election were today:

— Clinton loses to Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, 21-48 percent; 25 percent mentioned someone else they would vote for; and 5 percent didn’t know.

— Clinton loses to retired doctor Ben Carson, 24-56 percent; with 16 percent mentioning someone else; and 4 percent didn’t know.

— She loses to Trump, 26-37 percent; with 31 percent mentioning someone else; and 5 percent didn’t know.

— And she would lose to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, 23-48 percent; with 25 percent mentioning someone else; and 4 percent didn’t know.

So you can see that between 21 percent and 26 percent would consider voting for Clinton no matter who her GOP opponent was.

Those numbers roughly match up with the percent of Democrats in Utah – so Clinton doesn’t get much support outside of her partisan fellow party members.

That, of course, is a losing proposition in very red Utah.

There is a bit of a bleed over in the gender category.

Utah men really don’t like Clinton, the survey finds.

Utah women aren’t on her side, either. But a few more women come into her column.

Jones finds that against Rubio, four percentage points more women like Clinton than men.

With Carson she has a plus-7 percentage point break; against Trump she is up with women by 10 points above her male supporters.

And with Bush she sees a plus-6 percentage point difference over men who support her.

But, again, she never wins among women – only shows better than men who support her.

The dislike Utah Republicans give Clinton is almost universal.

Against Rubio, she loses 1-70 percent.

Against Carson, 3-81 percent.

Against Trump, 5-54 percent.

And against Bush, 2-72 percent.

As pointed out, Utah Democrats like her over any of the GOP candidates.

Rubio, she wins, 79-7 percent; Carson, she wins, 83-5 percent; Trump, 84-8 percent; and against Bush, Clinton wins, 84-7 percent.

Political independents don’t favor Clinton, either, except if the final match-up is Clinton/Trump.

Matched up against Trump, Clinton gets 32 percent of the political independents, Trump only 24 percent. Forty percent of independents said they don’t like either candidate and would vote for someone else.

But against the other three GOP candidates, Clinton loses among independents as well: Rubio, she loses 23-38 percent; Carson, she loses, 27-47; and against Bush, she loses among independents, 26-36 percent.

Clinton has already been to Utah this year for a closed, private campaign fund-raising event.

Don’t look for her to hold many, or any, open public campaign rallies here.

While she could rally her Democratic base – and that might help some other Democrats on the ticket in progressive areas like Salt Lake City and Park City – no doubt some other Democratic Utah candidates would stay away from such an event – they wouldn’t want to tarnish their own campaigns by standing next to her.