Lake Powell Pipeline Preliminary Licensing Proposal to be Submitted to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

The Preliminary Licensing Proposal for the Lake Powell Pipeline will be submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Dec. 1, 2015, and FERC is anticipated to post it on its website within one day of that submission.

There have been varying questions and accounts about the PLP’s content. This release is intended to give media entities helpful context for stories related to the proposal.

The PLP is a draft environmental analysis based on the most recent preliminary reports and information available, including draft study reports and their accompanying summaries (a summary of these reports is included in the attached PLP summary document). All of this is in accordance with FERC policies.

There will be a 90 day public review of the PLP, followed by a 60 day window for revisions, after the PLP is submitted. The PLP and draft study reports will be updated during this period based on new available information, feedback from federal agencies and input from the public. The PLP is not a finalized document.

The finalized PLP will eventually become part of Exhibit E within the License Application scheduled to be filed in late April. The application will include all of the required final study reports. After the April License Application filing and agency evaluation, it is anticipated that FERC will manage an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process according to regulations outlined in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Interested parties will have an opportunity to provide feedback throughout the EIS. Multiple alignment and route alternatives will be evaluated, which could have a significant impact on the size, scope and cost of the potential project.

FERC will make the PLP accessible via its website, and those interested can review and provide feedback by following the instructions below.

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