Lee: Immigration Bill DOA In House

Sen. Mike Lee says the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill, approved Thursday by the Senate, will be “dead on arrival” when it comes up for consideration in the House of Representatives. 

Reports Newsmax:

The bill, just passed by the Senate, basically gets it backwards, Lee believes.

“What they’re trying to do here … is to start at the front end with a pathway to citizenship for those who have broken our laws,” he said.

“What this bill is going to do is grant amnesty to 11 million people, perhaps more, and it’s going to make promises about visa modernization and border security.

“Those things will be accomplished, if at all, only many years after we’ve already put 11 million people on a pathway to citizenship that’s virtually certain.”

Lee is also unimpressed by the eleventh-hour tweaking of the bill that passed, which increased it by a whopping 200 pages.

“They took a 1,000 page bill, which was complex enough in and of itself, and, over the last weekend, they substituted it for a significantly different 1,200 page bill,” he complained.

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