My Utah Policy Holiday Wishes For the Coming Season

JaredWhitleySO with Thanksgiving finally out of the way, I was sitting at my computer contemplating my many Cyber Monday purchases for friends and loved ones. But lo! There are so many gifts I want to give which cannot be bought! So here is my first ever list of Utah Policy holiday wishes for all the politicos in all our lives.

To Gov. Gary Herbert – I wish great continued success as head of the National Governors Association and that his fellow governors will follow his lead in accepting Syrian refugees.

To those other governors – I wish that they will realize that the Syrian refugees are the victims of our enemies, not our enemies themselves.

To The Trib’s star reporter Tommy Burr – I wish that he can become President of the National Press Club (and that he will make me Secretary of Partying Down).[Editor’s note: That already came true. Nice call, Jared!]

To The Salt Lake Tribune itself – I wish them luck in achieving their goal of writing 155,000 articles about the LDS Church’s new handbook policy change between now and the time that the Trib invariably, inevitably, collapses.

To the LDS Church – I wish some improved crisis communications training.

To President Obama – I wish success in making his office answerable to elected representatives in Congress (like he talked about in his first campaign) … instead of constantly side-stepping Congress to do whatever he wants without any responsibility.

To Vice President Biden – I wish a change of mind to get in the race and keep Hillary from winning his party’s nomination and (God help us all) maybe even the presidency.

To Donald Trump – I wish that you would find some other hobby, like wind-surfing or spelunking.

To the rest of the Republican pack – I wish a stout heart and good cheer; a normal Presidential race will resume eventually … we hope.

To Starbucks – I wish more fabricated holiday-related scandals and the extra cash they must generate.

To Millenials who get all their news from The Daily Show and consider themselves informed – I wish a channel changer.

Thanks for reading this year – and may all your holiday wishes come true!