Poll: Bernie Sanders’ Support in Utah Falls; Clinton Dominating Among Utah Democrats

Bernie Sanders SadVermont Senator Bernie Sanders still slightly leads the Democratic presidential field among all Utahns, but Utah’s Democrats overwhelmingly back Hillary Clinton.

Our latest UtahPolicy.com survey finds Sanders with 23% support among Utah residents while Clinton gets 19%. 25% of Utahns say they don’t have a preference while former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley pulls in 9%.

Sanders’ support has dipped a bit from our November survey, down from 26%, while Clinton is up 1% from last month.
Sanders’ momentum has seemingly hit a wall in Utah. Between September and November, Sanders jumped from 22% to 26% among all Utahns. Now he’s back down to 23%. In the same time, Clinton grew from 11% in September to 18% in November and now 19%.
Utah’s Democratic Party will allow any registered voter to cast a ballot in their presidential preference poll on March 22, which will allocate delegates for the national convention.
Utah’s Democrats are even more solidly behind Hillary Clinton. Clinton has a clear lead among members of Utah’s minority party, with 61% backing the former Secretary of State while just 28% support Sanders. Clinton’s level of support has jumped 7 points since November, up from 54% in November. Sanders’ support among Utah Democrats has fallen 6-points from last month, down from 34%. In September, Sanders and Clinton were virtually tied among Utah Democrats, with Sanders getting 31% and Clinton pulling 30%.
Conversely, independent voters back Sanders over Clinton by a 10-point margin, 31-21%. However, Sanders’ support among independents has dropped 7-points in the last month, while Clinton has jumped 6 points during the same time.

The current survey was conducted by Dan Jones & Associates December 8-14, 2015 among 622 Utahns. It has a margin of error +/- 3.93%.