National Headlines 12-29-15

Wave of regulation looms in 2016 (The Hill)

USS Harry S. Truman launches first missions against ISIS (The Hill)

ISIL aims to launch cyberattacks on U.S. (Politico)

6 moments that could haunt Hillary Clinton (Politico)

One person shows up to O’Malley event in Iowa, remains uncommitted (Politico)

Oregon bakery pays damages in lesbian wedding cake case (Reuters)

It’s a Cruel Winter in Iowa for Martin O’Malley (New York Magazine)

How a failed attack on Rubio got a second wind (Washington Post)

Massive database of over 190 million registered voters’ information leaked online (Washington Post)

President Obama’s motorcade buzzed by drone (CNET)

Obama signs bill banning microbeads in personal care products (Michigan Radio)