Congresswoman Mia Love Responds to State of the Union Address

Congresswoman Mia Love issued the following statement, following President Obama’s final State of the Union Address:

I just listened to the President’s State of the Union Address.  First of all let me say that I respect the office of President of the United States but I can’t support the politics or the policies we have lived under over the past seven years. The good news is that there is hope.  Despite our problems, we still live in the greatest country on earth.  However, we must pursue an agenda that incorporates bold new ideas to empower, embolden and inspire Americans to live exceptional lives.  

Unfortunately, the President’s speech tonight clearly illustrates that he is more concerned about his legacy.  He is more concerned about politics than he is about policies that create upward movement for the good of the American people.

The President’s politics over the last seven years have done more to divide America by race, income level and social status, on issues such as gun control, healthcare, national security and many more.

The President is trying to take credit for an economy he says has recovered from its severe recession. Yet the poor continue to be trapped in poverty – often BECAUSE of big government programs.  The middle-class continues to be squeezed by rising prices and falling wages, which hits hardworking families the most.  The younger generation is facing their future with college education that isn’t accessible or affordable, with fewer prospects a good job and opportunities for success. If there is any recovery, it is sluggish at best.

The Federal corporate tax rate continues to increase, which has made it too expensive to do business in the United States, causing companies to leave at record numbers.  And his regulatory state is crushing American entrepreneurs and the countless jobs small businesses create.

Here’s a legacy the President can claim:  Our debt is ballooning.  It’s risen more during the last seven years than during any other administration in history, up $7.4 Trillion dollars to $18 trillion total. 

The President can also take credit for the fact that Americans are less safe than they were seven years ago.  We are seeing the results of what happens when the United States retreats as the leader of the free world.  Americans are worried about the Iran nuclear deal and increasing domestic and international incidents of terrorism.   It is disturbing to note that under this administration, that in spite of what the President says, it is a fact that our allies have gotten weaker and our enemies have gotten stronger. 

It is time for new leadership.  It’s time to stop treating Americans as liabilities that need to be managed, and start treating them as assets that can be developed.  We need a new President that will stop telling the American people to “Just trust Washington.” And It is time to let the People take the reins over their lives.

I trust the American people to make their own decisions about educating their children or their healthcare options.  I trust the American people to keep their own hard-earned money.  I trust the American people to make a difference for the poor and needy in their cities and communities. 

Now is the time for an open, honest conversation with the American people about our future and what policies will make this the next great American century.  In every moment there is possibility of a brighter future. I hope this will be the year will be our moment, when we trust the American people to restore the greatness of our country and reclaim their bright future.