The Parallel Between Ted Cruz and Enid Greene

Enid WaldholtzThere is, at least, one Republican in Utah who may have a bit of sympathy for the plight of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife.

That Utah Republican is Enid Greene Mickelsen.

For the New York Times reported Wednesday night that Cruz – now gaining on Donald Trump for the GOP presidential nomination – in his successful run for the U.S. Senate in Texas took out $1 million in loans from New York investment firms that were not accurately reported on his Federal Election Commission accounts.

In fact, it was not reported at all, the newspaper reports, until mentioned on U.S. Senate financial disclosure forms much later.

Think back, you old Utah politicos, to 1994 and the race in Utah for the 2nd Congressional District.

Enid Greene (then) Waldholtz and her husband Joe – long since divorced and Joe going to jail who knows how many times for fraud – won a close race in major part by pumping in $1 million in “personal” funds.

It turned out just over a year later that those “personal” funds came from Greene’s father, Forrest Greene.

It was an illegal contribution, further compounded by the fact that Greene/Waldholtz didn’t properly declare the loan/gift on FEC reports.

The scandal ended Greene’s promising career in the U.S. House.

Later, Greene and her father paid a combined $100,000 fine from the FEC. And divorced husband Joe has gone to jail for various fraud schemes.

Enid Greene claimed she didn’t know that Joe was illegally borrowing campaign money from her father – in all, it was a huge mess much feasted upon by Democrats and local news reporters.

She retired from elective politics in 1996, surfaced briefly as a lieutenant governor candidate with Nolan Karras in 2004, and since losing there has several times chaired GOP state conventions while running her family’s various foundations.

In any case, Enid Greene (now) Mickelsen can certainly relate to what Cruz and his wife are going to go through (on a much bigger stage) now that their campaign finance improprieties are being unveiled by the Times.

And the two cases are not, in general, that far apart:

— Secret campaign sources of $1 million.

— The money making a likely key difference in a close race for Congress.

— The winner soon to suffer some real heartache as the transgressions become public.

What is the old axiom?

Political scandals for Democrats come over sex.

Scandals for Republicans come over money.