Hatch: New Year, Same Broken Law

When President Obama kicked off the new year by vetoing Republican legislation to repeal the most consequential provisions of his misguided health law, he made clear he has no intention of freeing American patients and taxpayers from its shackling ramifications.

The President may choose to willfully ignore the numerous negative consequences of his law, but the American people cannot.  The law’s broken promises have led to led to higher taxes, increasing healthcare premiums and fewer choices for American families and businesses.

That’s why Republicans made good on our promise to the American people and sent repeal legislation to the President’s desk.

Now, two weeks into the new year, unfortunately yet not unexpectedly, Obamacare’s headlines have not improved.

These stories of Americans suffering from the health law’s burdens underscore why Republicans remain determined to repeal and replace the law with patient-centered reforms that lower costs and improve access to quality care.

Here’s a look at Obamacare’s disappointing start to 2016:

New York Times: Insurers Say Costs Are Climbing as More Enroll Past Health Act Deadline

“…a potential complication as the Obama administration strives to increase enrollment for 2016 in the face of rising premiums and skeptical consumers.”  (Jan. 9, 2016)

Associated Press: Another Obamacare complication: IRS says 1.4M households getting financial help make tax error

“Without financial assistance, health insurance premiums are unaffordable for many low- and moderate-income people.” (Jan. 9, 2016)

Wall Street Journal: ObamaCare’s $1,200 Pay Cut

“’We find evidence that employees who were most affected by the mandate, namely employees at large firms, saw wage reductions of approximately $1,200 per year…’” (Jan. 12, 2016)

CNBC: Obamacare’s troubled 6th birthday: Affordability still a worry

“Many middle income people continue to suggest that exchange plans just aren’t affordable for them…even with the subsidies, they simply can’t make the monthly premiums work…” (Jan. 9, 2016)

Wall Street Journal: Health Law Enrollment Periods to Be Tightened

“Insurers say that the rules are so broad that people can wait until they get ill to buy insurance. That raises health-care spending and overall premiums…” (Jan. 12, 2016)

The Dallas Morning News: Out-of-pocket costs overwhelm Obamacare insured on tight budgets

“’The major impact is actually a pocketbook or economic impact: their ability to pay the rent or the mortgage or buy food.’” (Jan. 5, 2016)

The Hill: ObamaCare costs set to spike for thousands

“ObamaCare enrollees are bearing the full cost of their insurance plans after losing the tax credits that are meant to make coverage more affordable.” (Jan. 11, 2016)

CBS’s MoneyWatch: Where are the young signups for Obamacare?

“The federal health care exchanges are so far falling short of signing up young workers, which may portend trouble ahead for plans sold through the Affordable Care Act.” (Jan. 8, 2016)