Duckworth Introduces Proposal to Remove Sales Tax from Personal Hygiene Items

Utah State Capitol 08OK, time to talk about a. . . difficult subject: incontinence and feminine hygiene items.

Rep. Susan Duckworth, D-Magna, has introduced HB202, the Hygiene Tax Act.

Basically, Duckworth wants to take off the sales tax for those items.

Utah currently does not place a sales tax on prescription drugs.

And Duckworth argues for those who need these items – diapers for adults and/or feminine hygiene products, like Tampons – face “a necessity” in their lives.

And those who need such items shouldn’t have to pay for them plus be taxed, as well.

Some other states do not tax these products, she said, and she and staff are now accessing how much such a sales tax cut would cost Utah state government.

“There are a lot of people” who need the products (like half of the population, at least),” she said.

Until she gets more facts on cost and extent of use, she said she’s asked the House Rules Committee to hold her bill.