Briscoe: ‘If We Don’t Put Education at the Top of the List, There Will Be Trouble’ (Video)

Joel BriscoeUtah lawmakers have another big budget surplus to play with this year. Rep. Joel Briscoe (D-Salt Lake City) says that means they should be considering another big boost in funding for public schools.

“It’s a good litmus test,” says Briscoe. “Legislators always say it’s important to fund public education. We will see how important public ed is to them. If they don’t put education at the top of the list, there will be trouble.”
Briscoe says that, when you adjust for inflation, the state is still spending about the same amount of money per school child as they did in 2008.
“Seven years later, you add in more kids, and we’re still spending the same amount of money. If we can’t boost education funding by four percent, we’re actually losing to inflation.”
Briscoe also discusses why lawmakers are taking an interest in sales taxes on internet purchases, water policy and the record number of bills lawmakers will consider this year.