Biskupski Announces Withdrawal of Reberg’s Appointment to Head Public Utilities

Mayor Jackie Biskupski announced Mike Reberg’s withdrawal from consideration for the vacant position to lead Salt Lake City’s Department of Public Utilities.

“This city deserves to have the strongest possible leader for Public Utilities, and over the past week it was unclear whether I could secure the necessary political backing in the Council to smoothly assume the leadership role,” said Mike Reberg on his withdrawal. “I have asked the Mayor to withdraw my name for consideration in order to ensure a smooth transition for the administration, the employees of Public Utilities, and the people of Salt Lake City.”

“It is with regret that I accept Mike Reberg’s request to withdraw from consideration. I continue to believe Mike is one of the most qualified individuals we could find to lead Public Utilities,” said Mayor Biskupski on the announcement. “As we move forward with appointments, I will continue to tap leaders like Mike who have expertise, empower a bottom-up management style, and most importantly–as Mike has just demonstrated–are humble servants to the people.”

“This has clearly been a tough decision,” said Council Chair James Rogers, “but I respect Mr. Reberg’s decision. I personally would have supported Mr. Reberg for a number of other City director positions, and appreciate his interest in serving City residents. The Council has taken its responsibility to consent to new appointments seriously, because we value how the Department Directors are critical to the success of the City. We look forward to working with the Mayor on the future appointment for Public Utilities Director.”

Mayor Biskupski also indicated she would prioritize the search for a new individual to lead the Department of Public Utilities, while stressing her full confidence in the individuals who are currently in place.

“I have great confidence in the on-the-ground experts who are making sure our city’s water is clean, our sewer system is efficient, and our cherished watershed is protected,” said Mayor Biskupski. “I look forward to working with the City Council and the public to find a leader who has the managerial, environmental and political expertise to ensure the Department of Public Utilities is fully supported.”