Hatch, Bishop Blast Obama Climate Speech

In separate press releases, Sen. Orrin Hatch and Rep. Rob Bishop react negatively to Pres. Obama’s plan to bypass Congress and move forward with new rules on power plants and energy efficiency. 

Says Hatch:

“Let’s be clear about the consequences of what the President wants to do: higher energy costs passed on to consumers across Utah and the country, and fewer jobs at time when three-quarters of the American people are living paycheck to paycheck.  That he can’t get a national energy tax through Congress shows how unpopular his plan is.  Just this morning it was reported that one of the President’s advisors is urging the President to wage a ‘war on coal.’  Energy is the fuel of our nation’s economic growth and after one of the longest periods of economic stagnation in modern history, it’s simply baffling that President Obama is proceeding with this unilateral energy policy that will hurt Americans struggling to pay their bills and get a job.” 

Says Bishop:

“Once again we see the President capitulating to the whims of special interest group allies who are frustrated with both Republican and Democratically controlled Congresses refusal to give them the carte blanche treatment they think they deserve. Disfavor with the speed or manner in which Congress takes up issues is not suitable justification for the President to unilaterally impose sweeping new policies, especially ones that will change the course of energy production in this country.”

Meanwhile, the New Republic becomes the latest liberal publication (following The New York Times and The Washington Post) to reluctantly admit what climate skeptics have been pointing out for years: that the rate of global warming has inexplicably stalled for more than a decade, despite record carbon emissions (see also here and here).

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